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Well I hope that you have recovered from hearing about all those gory details about life on the farm in the last show! This is the first show of 2020 so Happy New Year! In this show we go to the UK because there, finally three and a half years after the referendum on whether to leave the EU, the UK government has managed to pass legislation that takes the UK to the next stage. Anyway all our contributors today are migrants to the UK. But you will probably learn almost nothing about Brexit from this show. So if you are concerned that this will be about arcane constitutional corners of Britain or obscure trade rules then please don’t worry!

So what will we be hearing about? Would our contributors recommend migrating to the UK from the EU right now, for example?

And how is the transition from freedom of movement to getting permission to stay making migrants feel?

Although we talked long and hard about being a migrant in the UK, our third contributor, Konrad, did not even mention Brexit. Instead, he gave what I think is the best description I have heard so far of what an intercultural coach does.

absolutely emotional
Cristina Costa, originally from Portugal, and in the UK since 2007, describes how her reaction to the result of the referendum in 2016 was very emotional and then goes on to reveal how much, or how little, they talk about Brexit in her household.

absolutely accented
Did you know that if you have an idea for a future show or a comment then you can leave them on this website or on our Facebook page. It was one of our FaceBook posts which led me to Konrad Wdowiak, originally from Poland, and now a British citizen. We talked at length and the topic of Brexit never came up. Instead we talked about accents and about how much or little people take you seriously when you speak with an accent.

absolutely fitting in
Three years ago in show #208 we spoke to Ania about the Brexit vote. At the time she was afraid to speak her native Polish in public and worried about being made a second class citizen in the country she has decided to make her home. So how does she feel now three years later? Let’s talk about absolutely fitting in.

Thank you to Ania, Cristina and Konrad for sharing their experiences with us. You can always catch us on this website and Apple podcasts, as well on our FaceBook page where we post interesting links several times a week and where we connected with Konrad.

The next show will be coming to you from Dr Laurent Borgmann in Germany on February 7th so until then stay tuned!

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