How to Podcast

Have you ever wondered whether podcasting might help your freelance business? Welcome to this special edition of the podcast recorded in September 2013 in Tallinn, Estonia at the SIETAR Congress.

SIETAR is the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research and this is an edited version of the workshop led by me, Anne Fox,  on how to include podcasting as part of your social media presence. I started by asking the workshop participants to explore their phones and find the recorder which is on almost all of them nowadays. And so what you are about to hear includes recordings from Sigvor Bakke testing out her phone. You will also hear the voices of such SIETAR luminaries as Matthew Hill and Sabrina Zieglar. You can also follow the presentation slides below.

And if you want some help in starting with podcasting in your business then drop me an email or leave a comment and we can take it form there.

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