Lesson and training plans

Lesson plans created by adult educators

Call out question Daily life”, habits, jobs, how often we do things, compared to Italian habits
Can only words tell you what I mean? Non-verbal communication, cultural awareness
Disco Forum Cultural knowledge /awareness
Do you know what I mean? Quiz, warming up, intercultural awareness, Stereotypes
Eating on the blue sofa Warming up, Spanish food
Hi … Warming up, greeting
How do they do this and why? Blogging, Internet search, collaboration and critical reflection
How do you say … ? Role-play, intercultural communication
I see what you are saying Field work and documentation, non-verbal communication
Learn culture through dance Dances and names of movements.
Let’s celebrate! Presentation, How I celebrate in my country
On the beach Card question, stereotypical behaviour on a (Spanish) beach
Single dot questions 1 Warming up, Previous knowledge and opinion on international environment protection
Single dot questions 2 Finishing the topic, feedback; before: guessing, discussing, enlarging vocabulary, Common sayings and proverbs
The intercultural interview Game, warming up, get to know each other, role-play, intercultural awareness, communication
True or false Discussion about stereotypes, cultural knowledge / awareness
What do you know about … country? warming up, mind mapping before starting lectures about a certain country, facts about culture (history, geography, society)

Teacher training sessions

Title Topic Additional material
Do you serve Mexican tacos? Paralinguistic guessing by Dot Aastrom and Pat Shrimpton
You what? Nonverbal Communication by Dot Aastrom and Pat Shrimpton Codes Questions
Learning goals by Thomas Berger and Lili Wilson
Culture as a software of the mind Get culture as the software of the mind – exploring the metaphor by Laurent Borgmann
Group dynamics by Vera Colwell
Picture this Pictures and cultural values by Anne Fox Images
Problem group Scenario of an intercultural clash by Anne Fox Case study
Seeing things National stereotypes through pictures
Spot the clash Identifying intercultural issues by Anne Fox Prompts
Billy Elliot
Educating Rita
Why intercultural awareness? by Anne Fox Editor letter
How far can I get in my society? About racism from Alexandra Haas Role cards Questions
Get to know your neighbours 1 European stereotypes by Alexandra Haas
Get to know your neighbours 2 European stereotypes by Alexandra Haas
How did you get here? Warming up activity by Andrea Pohlmann-Jochheim
Chicks and Bunnies About traditions by Lili Wilson

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