Absolutely Intercultural 214 +++ Erasmus 30 +++ Teaching Staff Mobility +++ Study Abroad

Welcome to this special episode dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of the European Erasmus Program. In today’s episode we are going to hear from three participants of the program sharing their experiences and stories about how they decided to leave their comfort zones and made a bold move to internationalise themselves. Listen to the the stories of two international Erasmus Exchange students from Azerbaijan and Georgia, and a guest lecturer from Canada.

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Listen to an interview with our guest lecturer Lucie Thibault from Brock University in Canada. She will discuss the differences in teaching styles and conventions she noticed between Germany and Canada, as well as the benefits of Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility Program and what she expects to get out of it.

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Seymur Garamollayev from Azerbaijan University in Baku will tell us his story about how he noticed a German Erasmus student in his class back home and how he then quickly decided “if she can come to Baku with an Erasmus scholarship, I should be able to do the same and go to Germany!”

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In our last category, Beka Eristavi (see photo) from Georgia will tell us about the importance of leaving one’s comfort zone and his first difficult steps on his way to becoming a participant of Erasmus Student Mobility Program. He is now a very enthusiastic and successful international student at RheinAhrCampus.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann
Editor: Nicolas Gabriel Taveira da Silva
Assistant: Seymur Garamollayev


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