Absolutely Intercultural 213 +++ Cultural Differences +++ Travel Culture +++ Daily Routine

Today you will hear about cultural differences between traveling in India and in Germany and also you can follow a Portuguese exchange student through her daily routines in the student accommodation and on campus.

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Listen to our interview with two exchange students Tushar Batra and Garima Ujjainia from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras  in Chennai. They will tell us about the differences in the travel culture between India and Germany.

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In this category of our podcast, we listen to our exchange student Ana from Portugal, as she takes us with her during her regular day on RheinAhrCampus.

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In our last category, we will return to Tushar and Garima to discuss the cultural differences concerning smoking and drinking on campus, as well as the important role of teachers or “gurus” in Indian society.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

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