Mindsets +++ Myanmar +++ Shamans +++ Finland +++ Zambia +++ Absolutely Intercultural 223 +++

Sunset in Mandalay, Myanmar

In this show we are going to find out how a shaman does his work, as well as first impressions of Finland when you come from Zambia. Strangely enough, it was also my first time in Finland and we did discuss in the project team whether it was a good idea to visit in January but we are planning to go again in June when there will be 24 hour daylight and mosquitos out in full force so we will get the whole range. The occasion was a small-scale conference in which the Prof E Sus project was wrestling with the idea of defining, measuring and creating a sustainable mindset in the teachers of home economics. One of the participants was Dr Hosea Lupambo Chishala a teacher trainer from Rockview University in Lusaka and he shared with us that in Zambia you can mark your status by how much you are able to waste. This means that he is faced with a really big challenge. And we’ll also be talking to Mia Fox about how she stumbled across a shaman unexpectedly in Myanmar

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India +++ Russia +++ ProfESus +++ IFHE +++ Absolutely Intercultural 212 +++

In show 212 we’ll be taking you to Russia and India as well as hearing about the global importance of the family unit.

How do foreigners react to India? According to Line Mark Rugholt, a Danish intercultural consultant, it can vary widely.

And what is the smallest social unit? Anne von Laufenberg Beermann lets us in on that.

And we will make another trip to Russia which supposedly dropped socialism in 1990 but Diana from Russia has a theory about why there are still so many socialist benefits in the country.
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