India +++ Russia +++ ProfESus +++ IFHE +++ Absolutely Intercultural 212 +++

In show 212 we’ll be taking you to Russia and India as well as hearing about the global importance of the family unit.

How do foreigners react to India? According to Line Mark Rugholt, a Danish intercultural consultant, it can vary widely.

And what is the smallest social unit? Anne von Laufenberg Beermann lets us in on that.

And we will make another trip to Russia which supposedly dropped socialism in 1990 but Diana from Russia has a theory about why there are still so many socialist benefits in the country.

absolutely maybe
So first we’ll speak with Line Mark Rugholm who was an intercultural consultant specialising in India for many years. Having had an interest in India since her student days she decided to try out what it was really like living in India longer term by taking her whole family with her.

absolutely sustainable
Did you know that there was an international organisation for home economics? It’s called the International Federation of Home Economics and its opinion on home economics is sought by all the major global organisations such as the UN, ECOSOC and FAO. Anne von Laufenberg-Beermann is an IFHE executive director in Bonn, Germany and I talked to her to find out why home economics was so important on a global scale and IFHE’s participation in the ProfESus project. For example, perhaps you have heard about the newest UN Sustainable Development Goals, well IFHE was involved in formulating the final version of these which came out in 2015.

absolutely socialist or capitalist?
Diana Solovyeva stayed with us for three weeks at the beginning of the year, long enough for me to begin to wonder how capitalist Russia really is, as it became clearer and clearer how much the Russian government offers their citizens especially when contrasted to China which is supposed to be one of the last truly socialist countries left on earth. In the end I just had to ask Diana to list the many benefits she gets as a Russian citizen.

And don’t forget what Diana told us in a previous show about the free land that the Russian government is offering to people willing to move to the Far East of the country!

The next show will be out on the 7th of April so until then stay tuned!

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  1. Hello,
    I love the idea of being absolutely intercultural. By studying other cultures we can become more compassionate global citizens. It helps us to recognize that we are one big community on the planet Earth, and learning how other cultures work increases our understanding of people.

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