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Sander WillemsIn today’s podcast we hear about ‘‘International students and their internship experience abroad”. We talk to Sander, a Dutch student who is living in Spain working in a bike tour company and he told us about how to plan, organize and prolong a student internship then we listen to an interview with two gypsy artists Delaine and Damian from Great Britain who are traveling the whole world and exhibiting their art in various places, e.g. at VHS Aachen

absolutely interned
An internship is always a great learning experience and it helps students develop professionally and prepare for their working lives. Many students around the world go on internships during their studies and when these internships are combined with an intercultural experience in different countries it often turns into a life-changing experience. We hear from Sander Willems who tells us about his internship experinence in Spain. He shares his story of intercultrual experiences while working in a bike tours shop in Malaga.

absolutely gypsy art
Living the Gypsy-culture has always looked attractive to artists. Many give up their programmed way of living and look for exciting experiences to get more and more out of their lives and to live it the fullest. However, today we hear from real Roma artists who spend most of their time traveling for their art; even to places which may turn out rather dangerous for them. We hear from two such artists Delaine and Damian about their experiences as gypsy artists.

absolutely exchanged
In this part we listen to Sander talk about his ERASMUS placement internship in Malaga. He tells students how they can apply for this program and what benefits they can get from it. Nowadays many youngsters use international educational programs to spend some time in foreign countries. Their internationalisation is not just good for their curriculum vitae, but often starts a life-long learning experience of integrating into different cultures.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Editor: Amama Farooq
Assistant Editors: Anderson Thelles & Asif Safarli




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