Humour in Different Cultures +++ April Fools’ +++ Absolutely Intercultural 261 +++

Hello and welcome to show 261 of our podcast “Absolutely Intercultural”. Today we talk about different cultures of Humour. It is obvious that no matter where we are in the world, we, humans, smile, laugh, joke, make and have fun. But, what exactly makes us laugh? It is hard to imagine that there is a universal formula of humour, and how well does humour travel?

In our show today our interviewees from Australia, the Czech Republic and Germany report about humour in their own cultures and share their personal experiences exclusively with you, the listeners.

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absolutely intercultural 28 +++ Does culture still matter? +++ Gypsy music in the Czech Republic+++

Just in time before the Easter holidays – Report from the conference “Does culture still matter” – Gypsy music in the Czech Republic


Absolutely yours: We get birthday congratulations and an idea for a new show.

Absolutely educational: Chris Saenger reports on some of sessions he attended at the ‘Does Culture Still Matter?’ conference hosted by the Intercultural Management Institute of Washington DC. First Chris recounts how an activity involving holding two water-filled cups of water can show you various aspects of how you react in an unknown situation. Later he tells us about how former US ambassador, Prudence Bushnell, adopted various strategies to enable a woman’s voice to be heard in patriarchal cultures.

Absolutely musical: On a recent trip to the east of the Czech Republic, the Rivus trio play traditional gypsy music in which the cimbalom or hammered dulcimer instrument (pictured) plays a leading role. This is not a music podcast but music can have an important role to play in culture.

The next show will be coming from Germany on April 20.

The Host of this show is: Anne Fox