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Do not hug

This show is coming to you from a partially locked down Denmark. Yes, this show is coming to you right in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic with schools and businesses shut down and people advised to keep a good distance from each other. Fortunately, all the contributors to the show could be reached digitally. I talked to Elizabeth Anne, a former teacher based in the south of France who told me how the country is divided.

Then, I talked to Luis from Colombia, who recently moved to Denmark. In Colombia Luis was a wedding photographer but in Denmark, he discovered that wedding ceremonies were not so predictable.

Now, do you want to dance? Angelique Kidjo has recorded a special version of a song that was popular during the apartheid years in South Africa in the 1950s. The song Pata Pata means lightly touch but in these Covid 19 times the advice is no touching! So UNICEF, in collaboration with one of their goodwill ambassadors, Angelique Kidjo, has slightly changed the song so that it is about NOT touching and you can be in the video which comes out later this month if you film yourself dancing to it!

absolutely provincial
Elizabeth Anne has lived in France for a long time where she worked as an English teacher. Do you remember that story about the anti-malarial medicine, hydroxychloroquine, which was claimed by a French doctor to help in the early stages of the COVID 19 virus? As the story developed, Elizabeth saw that very much as yet another manifestation of the “Paris versus the rest” attitude that permeates French culture. So why did she think that?

absolutely no pata pata
So now. Are you ready to dance? Angelique Kidjo is a UNICEF Goodlwill ambassador and she has agreed to re-record the most joyful South African song Pata Pata which means lightly touch in Xhosa. But of course, in these times there must be no touching so the lyrics have been slightly changed. Film yourself dancing to the song and send it to UNICEF and you might be included in the song video which will come out later this month.

See details on the YouTube page for how to send your video to be considered.

absolutely seasonal
Remember big gatherings like parties and weddings? We now go to Luis from Colombia where he used to be a wedding photographer. I was talking about business with Luis and we talked about why being a wedding photographer in Denmark is not such a great business idea even without the Corona Virus. We’ll find out in a later show what Luis decided could be a viable business in Denmark.

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The next show will be coming to you from Dr Laurent Borgmann in Germany on June 5th so until then stay tuned!

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