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Have you ever thought about outcomes of your learning process? Well, in today’s show, we are going to focus on intercultural learning outcomes in lectures and seminars at university but also in study abroad experiences. First, we will listen to Mariana Silva, an Erasmus exchange student from Portugal. Mariana studied at RheinAhrCampus in Germany and did an intercultural internship at the same time. She will talk about the research she has done into the theory of learning outcomes or graduate attributes and quote examples from her own observations in classes and her intercultural development during the internship. Then, our main editor Zarnura Hajiyeva will take the microphone and will turn Dr. Borgmann into a guest in this show – as a lecturer who has some experience in formulating learning outcomes for his own classes. As he noticed considerable effects on both the style of his teaching and the effectiveness of his classes, he will share his experiences of the process. His next project will be to apply the idea of intercultural learning outcomes to the study abroad experience of his students. Finally, we will listen to Husniyya Huseynova, an exchange student from Azerbaijan, who will share her impressions of the courses and the lasting impact on her personal intercultural growth.

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In our first category, Mariana Silva explains what learning outcomes are and shares some theoretical background. How does she think teachers should implement learning outcomes in their classes? If formulating the aims and objectives from the learners’ perspective makes a real and practical difference in the handling of classes, how could learning outcomes have a practical effect on students’ employability? Mariana thinks that in a job interview you have a practical advantage if you can intelligently talk about the skills that you have learned.

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In the second category of our show, Dr. Borgmann will talk about how he, personally, became more interested in learning outcomes, and he will point to a rather shocking experiment he conducted in the classroom – a real eye-opener, especially for himself. He will also share examples of students who study abroad and how they could formulate learning outcomes for their own intercultural development.

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In our final category of our show, we hear from our international student Husniyya Huseynova who shares her skills development during her classes and talks about how surprised she was when a Business Simulation turned out much more realistic than she had expected.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Editor: Zarnura Hajiyeva

Assistant: Marina Jimenez Martin



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  1. This podcast is very informative for students and educators who want to study and teach abroad. It has provided me with some insights of integrating into different cultures and becoming more confident in your abilities as a student and an educator.

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