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Have you ever tried to explain something, and in the middle of it, you figured out that the best option would probably be to compare it to something else?

Hofstede did the same thing with culture and software, showing their similarities in his book “Cultures and Organizations – Software of the Mind“.

The metaphor of culture as the software of the mind works really well when we compare them in terms of installing, uninstalling and updating cultural software, for example.

In this episode, we listen to two interviews about Hofstede’s idea, on how you can easily see his theory present in your daily lives.

absolutely compared
Let us listen to Francisca, Vanessa, Anderson and Francisco as they talk about their first impressions of RheinAhrCampus where they faced new study cultures and big changes, and for three of them, these intercultural experiences are dominant every week because they are in a foreign country right now.

absolutely uninstalled
Jean Lennox and Karsten Kneese describe how difficult it is to get rid of a piece of cultural software once it has been installed in your mind, and how some traces of the old version are still in our mind when we are trying to learn a new and different culture.

absolutely updated
Francisco and Kika explain  how people update their culture and how their friends and family deal with these cultural updates. Let us listen to some examples of people who decide not to get updated.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

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