Flourishing on the Farm +++ Rural vs Urban Culture +++ Comparing Farms +++ Absolutely Intercultural 245 +++

Welcome to show 245 of “Absolutely Intercultural”! Today’s show is about farm life in Brazil, Germany and Australia. We will learn what childhood is like from three different farm environments in Brazil, Australia and Germany. Be warned, some of the stories may be shocking.

We will hear Manoel from Brazil, Kalvin from Australia, and Laurence, from Germany.  You will be surprised and terrified by some of the things our guests have seen and done in their childhood on the farm. Our interviewer today is Vitor, also from Brazil, who is doing his second semester as an exchange student at RheinAhrCampus, Germany. He has been our editor for a while and was curious how culture in the city differs from the countryside, having never personally experienced it before.
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container-home +++ sustainability +++ self-sufficiency +++ Absolutely Intercultural 241 +++

In this show, we will find out what life in a container home in the most spectacular countryside in Queensland is like. We will discover how an industrial container from Hamburg has become the home for two Germans, Uwe Terton (lecturer at the University of the Sunshine Coast) and Katrin Terton (media artist). They have chosen a very simple and sustainable lifestyle, free from water or electricity bills, far from the busy and “stressful” life in the modern cities. Dr. Uwe Terton, our guest in this show, will share  the details of his decision to live in a minimalistic life, up on the hill with a stunning 360° view.

First, Uwe will explain the details of the fauna and flora around the container-home. In the second part, we will go inside the container and we will discover how to use smart ideas to live comfortably but in a sustainable way. And finally we learn how the couple used recycled materials in the construction of the container-home.

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