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Corporate Culture, bilingualism, business and the environment

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Absolutely bilingual: We revisit the issue of bilingualism with comments from one of our listeners about her experiences.

Absolutely corporate: TrineMaria Kristensen of Social Square explains how companies define their culture around the stories they agree on and whether screaming with laughter in the A P Møller Mærsk offices is acceptable or not.

Absolutely Environmental: Peter Malbek of SCA Packaging explains why responsibility for the environment is built into the culture of SCA and also comes with news of this year’s trendy Christmas present; a bag of hot air.

Absolutely educational: We are very keen to hear about how listeners use our podcast in their teaching. The Leonardo Lancelot project plans to use one of our shows in their pilot course for training online teachers.
The next show will come from Germany on February 23 so … stay tuned!
The Host of this show is: Anne Fox