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Hello and welcome to show 257 of Absolutely Intercultural, Gender Roles, coming to you from beautiful Remagen in Germany. We are talking about what life is like as man or woman in different countries. Have you ever been the victim of inequality because of your gender? If you had a wish – what would you change? Well, in today’s episode, we interview students from three different countries about gender roles in their cultures and how those may differ from the views they are confronted within Germany.

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In our first part, Hala Tabib, from Jordan, talks about women’s rights in everything from work, education to the military. She also questions a number of our stereotypes, reminding us that women can be as ruthless as men and men as nurturing as women. 

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In our second part, Tsotne Kalichava explains how Georgia has changed its culture away from Soviet Union values since his parents’ generation and he shares some areas where women might actually have a competitive advantage in the modern-day work culture in Georgia, for example in Public Relations work or in negotiations. 

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In our third part, we hear from Kaaviya Lingasamy who explains the expectations of men and women in the workforce, but also in the world of romance and marriage in India – for example, “dating” seems to be something which is not acceptable in many parts of India. 

Interestingly in India and Jordan women have asserted themselves into the workplace on equal standing with men, even if they seem to be less represented in important positions. However, their private “modern lives” seem very different – take the dating culture, which seemed much less common in both the middle east and India than it is for example in Georgia. Likewise, both Tsotne and Kaavyia said their countries need to continue developing, but developing should not mean becoming exactly like Western countries.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

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