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Since this is New Years Day of 2021, which we all hope will be a better year than 2020, the format is a little different than normal. We will be talking to just one person but about many different things.

We will be talking to Israeli musician, Michal Hoter about her trip to Morocco, about her first impressions of Helsinki in Finland when she went there to study, and about her stay in Denmark which I was surprised she found so different to Finland.

absolutely musical
We often talk about student exchanges on this podcast and of course one of the main effects is the exchange of ideas but in the case of music students, the exchange is also of musical influences. Let’s hear what happened when Israeli Michal Hoter spent a year in Dublin as part of her music bachelors.

Earth Colour by Michal Hoter

absolutely religious
So the composition process was partly spiritual, partly based on family background and partly based on collaboration with people from across the world. Michal then talked about collaborating in Morocco across religions.

absolutely locked down
It’s clear that Michal gains a great deal from her foreign collaborations so what happened when Covid struck? Well, there were other musicians in Israel who were equally stuck.

absolutely Scandinavian
And finally, I was really surprised when Michal talked about her time in Finland and Denmark as I thought that she would see the two places as very similar but absolutely not! Let’s go absolutely Scandinavian and end by talking about the future.

Khadija by Alaa Zouiten Quartet

Well we hope you have enjoyed this musical start to 2021. Thank you to Michal Hoter for talking to us. If you have an idea for a future show then you can get in touch with us by leaving us a comment here or in a message to our Facebook page where we post interesting links several times a week. We’d love a like of our Facebook page if you have one to spare! You can subscribe using the Apple podcasts button below, as well on our FaceBook page.

The next show will be coming to you from Dr Laurent Borgmann in Germany on February 5th so until then stay tuned!

The host of this show is: Anne Fox



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