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Luis from Portugal thinks age makes learning easier

Hello and welcome to show 255 of Absolutely Intercultural. Today’s show is about two different cultures, and they have nothing to do with nationality or geography. We are talking about the culture of young people and old people – and we will focus on learning cultures. Have you ever wondered whether YOU will carry on learning all your life or whether you will stop at some point? Or perhaps there is no age limit to learning? Do you believe in lifelong learning? We interview young and old learners to find out about their learning habits. Our first guest is Dr. Beatrice Blüggel from Germany, who is the director of a large adult education institution. Our  second guest, Luis Iglesias, from Portugal is a 29-year-old master student who is currently socializing with younger students during his semester abroad.

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In our first category, we hear from Beatrice who is the director of Volkshochschule Aachen, a large adult education Institution and she has personal experience teaching students ranging from 18 to 80. She explains the cultural differences between different age groups and how these different cultures can work together in the same classroom if they have a common interest.

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In our second category, Kalvin interviews a diverse group of exchange students about their opinions on different learning cultures of different age groups and gets a very  diverse range of answers.

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In our third category, Luis Iglesias, 29, tells us what integrating into a group of university students who are  up to nine years younger than him means, and how maturity influences learning. 

Although we often think education is only for the young, perhaps there are some big advantages which age can bring. It is not often that we see a CEO or a political leader in their 20s or 30s. In fact, this show might make you feel more optimistic about your own next birthday.

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Our next show is coming to you from Anne Fox in Denmark on 6 November 2020.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Chief Editor: Kalvin Mitchell
Assistant Editor: Alina Vor



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