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Grocery shopping is a regular activity in our every-day culture. However, there seem to be different cultural aspects in our weekly shopping. At first, we will listen to Beate and Kati talking about the two opposite but equally strong movements in Germany: have you banned meat from your diet or do you buy big portions for your weekend BBQ?  Javier from Spain reports how grocery shopping has changed through the generations in Spain. And finally, we will listen to  Professor Scott Henderson from Canada, who talks about how the diverse cultures in Canada influence the choice of produce in supermarkets and how they differ from European supermarktes.

absolutely vegetarian
In our first category “absolutely vegetarian“ Beate and Kati will talk about how in Germany the mainstream has gone from markets to supermarkets and Kati suggests that we are also at a curious turning point right now. There are more and more determined vegetarians but also there is an equally strong-minded counter-movement of determined BBQers and meat eaters.

absolutely communicative
In the second category “absolutely communicative“, Javier Chapa Madrid from Spain will talk about the differences between the market culture among the elder generation and the supermarket culture among the younger generation in Spain. In Spain, the cashier usually takes some time to have a chat with the regular customers.

absolutely fake
In our final category “absolutely fake” our guest Professor Scott Henderson, from Brock University talks about his grocery shopping experience in Canada. He was very surprised by the differences he noticed in different countries such as Germany, Canada, and England during his travels. He is a little suspicious about fashionable “farmers markets.

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  1. Hi, i really liked your website. i did listen to the podcast of grocery intercultural and had a look at other posts. it seems really great discussions. working on interculturality in different fields is not an easy job. congratulation.

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