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In this show, you will hear about the grocery shop in India and believe me you will be surprised how different it is from European grocery shopping. Hari Gautham Somasundaram Dr. Arvind Sivaramakrishnan and Dr. TJ Kamalanabhan will talk about their own experience grocery shopping in India. In India, you need to go shopping early in the morning to get the best fruits and vegetables from the stalls. Hari, who is a student, tells us that he prefers going to the supermarket rather than the market or buying fruit from trollies in the street. Dr. Arvind, on the other hand, will talk about the challenges of grocery shopping in Indian markets.

absolutely Indian
In our first category “absolutely Indian” Hari, Dr. Arvind and Dr. Kamal will talk about different types of grocery shopping in India. We hear about supermarkets, grocery Stores but also street vendors who sell fresh fruit and vegetables early in the morning. These stalls in the street still play a very important part in the community.

absolutely personal
In the second category “absolutely personal“, our guests will continue by describing the long-term relationships they have with their grocery-shop owners. The system is based on a very personalized service, in which the shopkeeper will even take the food to your house and you are at liberty to pay them weeks later.

absolutely non-vegetarian
In our final category “absolutely non-vegetarian” we will discuss that in India, in fact, most people are vegetarians. This is why they use the term “non-vegetarian” for meat-eaters. Even in the families, if you are a non-vegetarian, you cannot expect to eat meat every day.

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