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Reflections of Dubai

Did you know that Denmark regularly comes in at number 1 for global surveys of transparency and lack of corruption? Well I’m going to spoil all this by bringing you a show featuring only my family so there’s some nepotism right there! In this show we’re going to be talking about the dark side of visiting other cultures. We’ll start with my daughter, Mia, who has been doing a grand tour of the world. We are going to be a bit coy about naming the country she is talking about for reasons which will become clear later. But in this particular country she discovered how political corruption works. So what happens at election time?

And we’ll also be hearing from my brother, Greg, who has been on assignment in Dubai, about how abrupt some of the boundaries can be between one code of behaviour and another

absolutely corrupt
Corruption, including election corruption is in the news and I’ve often wondered how it works in purely practical terms. So when my daughter came back from one of her trips to all corners of the globe this past year, I was very curious to hear that she had had it all explained to her by one of her hosts. We won’t reveal which country she is talking about as Mia then goes on to talk about how her host expects business to work in Denmark when she moves here soon. Is that corrupt of us? Never mind, let’s go absolutely corrupt! Of course one person’s corruption is another person’s way of looking after their family so there are different ways of looking at this.

absolutely Dubai
The second guest of our show is my brother, Greg, who has been working on assignment in Dubai. Up until now he has been working all over Europe and this has been his first project in one of the Gulf States. One of the surprising aspects of Dubai is that its natives for the large part do not need to work and so there are many jobs which they will not consider, including his own industry of media. We will hear from Greg first about whether he has any Emiratis in his team and secondly about how all the other essential work of a modern society gets done.

Well I hope you don’t mind the nepotism and secrecy that has been part of this show. Tell us what you think as a comment on this post or leave us a comment on our Facebook page. The next show will be coming to you from Germany (number 10 on the world transparency index) on September 1. Stay tuned!

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