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https://www.flickr.com/photos/zoonabar/3139584866/sizes/m/In today’s podcast we hear from people who have traveled and are sharing their interesting and diverse experiences. We listen to Michael, a French student in Germany, telling us a story of how he was welcomed in Germany.
Then we listen to Audrey, she tells us how surprised she was after attending a German wedding and experiencing the customs and traditions of a typical German wedding. In the last part of the podcast we listen to Maris from Latvia who tells us the tale of “5 minutes”, information that every tourist should learn before traveling to Egypt.

absolutely wilkommen
In this part of today’s podcast we hear from Michael. He was studying in Germany for some years when I interviewed him. He told me an interesting fact about the way the Germans greet people and the way they behave when somebody greets them. He also told me how living in Germany changed the way he greets people. Indeed the culture you live in influences the way you act and behave.

absolutely noisy
In the second part of this episode we listen to Audrey, she is from Africa and she tells us about her experience of a German wedding. She had a chance to attend a German wedding during her stay in Germany and it was a very loud and surprising experience for her. What surprised and shocked her? Listen to this episode and find out!

absolutely 5 minutes
Time is a very important part of every culture and the understanding of different time perceptions in different cultures is rather important to learn. In this last part of our episode we listen to Maris who tells us a story of his boat trip in Egypt and explains to us the philosophy of “5 minutes”.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Editor: Amama Farooq




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