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15352991352_09994a8a23_mListen to today’s podcast and find out about ‘‘Selfies’’. We talk to three of our exchange students from Croatia, Australia and Pakistan and learn about their perspectives on taking selfies.

absolutely selfish
There are three types of people in the world; ‘‘the addicted ones’’ who take selfies and proudly publish them on social media everyday, ‘‘ the modest ones’’ who take selfies sometimes and then ‘‘ the ones in denial’’ who say they are not taking selfies but somehow are part of group selfies. In the beginning of the show we hear from our ERASMUS and exchange students Laura from Australia, Zrinka form Croatia and Amama from Pakistan who tell us what they think about selfies and irritating selfie habits.

absolutely German
Selfies are a way to project ourselves to the world. We project our image in the way we want others to see us. Perhaps there are other ways of self-projection too; your actions and the way you treat people say much more about you than a simple innocent ‘‘Selfie’’. In our second part we listen to Vera Klopprogge about her internship experience in which she tried to be a little “less German”.

absolutely technological
Technology is not only helping us make our everyday life easier, it is also helping us promote our image to the world the way we want to. Even taking selfies is becoming more and more effortless and simple. Modern equipment that allows us to take selfies from the angles and the distance we want to, has saved us the embarrassment of jumping around to find that ‘‘ perfect selfie’’. In our last category we go back to selfies and hear about the technological advancements in selfie equipment and some thoughts about the group dynamics of taking group selfies or “groupies”.


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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Editor: Amama Farooq




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