Absolutely Intercultural 187 +++ Cultural Comparison +++ Learning German +++ Australian Culture

Maybe you will notice that we have a new editor on the show. Laura has left the Sunshine Coast, Australia, to come and take on a year here at RheinAhrCampus in Germany. We all think she is crazy to give up all that beautiful sunshine but are so happy to have her on our team. Thanks a lot to Younes Jaber who has helped us produce so many good shows in the past and is now about to finish his studies.

absolutely surprised

As a German I have had many snow-filled days in my life and, to be honest, I dread the complications for public transport or for my evening bicycle rides when the snow freezes over. However, for an Australian, snow is not a part of Laura’s normal routine and you can tell that she is much more excited about it. It is difficult to imagine that she is unfamiliar with the mundane things we do in snowy weather, such as melting snow on pavements with salt, or at least spreading sand on it to make walking safer.

absolutely unknown

Laura had a chat with Franziska about differences between life in Germany and life in Australia and of course we hear something about the typical Aussie BBQ, gorgeous weather, but also a shark attack.

absolutely challenged

We discover what it is like for Laura and Yonatan to learn German in the country. Yonatan is originally from Eritrea but studied at our partner University Yasar in Izmir, Turkey. We hear about exciting situations that the two find themselves in when faced with a language they do not know.

Learning a new language is obviously a very new topic for Laura and the process seems to pose interesting challenges for her and Yonatan. We can only wish them all the best and I hope they continue to enjoy these ambiguous situations they described and keep practicing.


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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Editor:  Laura McGuire




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