Absolutely Intercultural 206 +++ Stereotypes +++ German hurry +++ Belgian Beer +++

Filip-giving-a-beer-seminarIn today’s podcast we hear from people who are comparing their life styles in Germany with that in their home countries. However, we will also discuss different beer traditions with a Belgian who gives beer seminars in Germany.
We hear from Ru´a and Francisco, exchange students from Jordan and Spain who tell us how some everyday experiences in a new culture can be a little overwhelming at the beginning.
Then we listen to Filip, the “beer seminarist” from Belgium. He will explain the main differences in beer brewing to us.
In our last part Issa tells about his ideas about Germany before he arrived. He held many stereotypes before coming to Germany and he will admit that some of them were disproved right on arrival.

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Absolutely Intercultural 204 +++ Ramadan Special +++ “Two-way exchange” project +++

"Two way exchange" projectIn today’s podcast we have special topic: the Muslim Ramadan. The reason for choosing this topic is the great number of refugees in Germany which comes with a great number of intercultural learning opportunities. At RheinAhrCampus we have embraced this opportunity and have reached out to those refugees who are interested in university life, have integrated them in our daily routines and they, in turn, have readily shared their new lives with us.

Recently we organized an international cooking event followed by Iftar (إفطار‎‎  – the joint breaking of the Ramadan fast) together with some international students, German students, ordinary Remagen citizens and our new international friends, the refugees. The success of the event and the incredible Ramadan spirit that reigned in the two kitchens gave us the inspiration for our Ramadan Special today.

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