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In this show, you will hear about Sadhana Forest. This is a nonprofit organization which was set up in the alternative international township, Auroville, in the South-East of India about two hours south of Chennai. You may remember that our show 231 was also about Auroville and if you have the time you may want to re-listen to that episode. The main activity of Sadhana Forest is to plant trees with the aim of re-creating the forest which used to be in that area.

At first, we will listen to Mike Roy, who is originally from the United States and is the Project Director in Sadhana Forest, in this show he explains why he made the decision to pack up and be a member of this community in India. Noel Parent, our guest in episode 231, tells us how the volunteers contribute by working in the Auroville community. And finally, we will go back to Mike Roy and this time he talks about how to get involved in Sadhana Forest project.

absolutely sustainable

in our first category “absolutely sustainable”, Mike Roy, from Sadhana Forest talks about spiritual paths and explains that the idea is to live according to intention rather than convention.

absolutely open

In our second category “absolutely open” Noel Parent, who is an Aurovillian explains how we should all be learning by making mistakes. Noel was also our guest in episode 231.

absolutely easy

In our last category “absolutely easy”, Mike Roy will share some ideas about how you can get involved in the Sadhana Forest project and do something for the environment.

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