Absolutely Intercultural 189 +++ Brazil +++ Argentina +++ Finland +++ Germany +++

Photo by Laurent BorgmannToday we will focus on studying abroad and we will listen to students from France and Finland who are spending some time abroad in Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

absolutely unforgettable

Brazil is a dream destination for most of us because of the weather, the Carnival de Bahia, the music, and above all the very friendly people. However, it does not have the reputation as one of the safest places and unfortunately, we hear some first-hand experience as Thomas shares with us his traumatic experience of being robbed in the street. The students talk about how they managed to accomplish studying abroad, differences between the cultures, including eating times and what they miss most about home.

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Laura McGuire, our editor grabbed the microphone herself and had a chat with Thomas Eade about differences between student life in Finland and Germany. Thomas talks about how he arrived in Germany, what he hopes to get out of the experience and the challenges a non-German speaker faces.

absolutely immersed


We go back to Brazil with Thomas and Quentin to hear what it is like to study in a foreign language. They also give us their reasons to add Brazil and Argentina to our bucket list.

Well I’ve already visited Brazil and can agree with Thomas, it is very a sunny place, especially in February. However, I will have to add backpacking through the beautiful landscapes of Argentina to my bucket list as Quentin suggested.


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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Editor: Laura McGuire




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