Absolutely intercultural! The first ever intercultural podcast

Welcome to the first ever intercultural podcast.

‘Absolutely Intercultural’ is its name and, as far as we know, this is the first podcast in the world to deal with intercultural issues. We’ll be releasing a new episode every second Friday evening, looking at all intercultural aspects of human intercultural communication.
For example, we’ll be hearing from students on foreign work placements, looking at inter-cultural aspects of the forthcoming World Cup, asking how teachers can make use of inter-cultural exercises and simulations in their classroom and sharing with you any intercultural gossip we come across.

‘Absolutely Intercultural’ won’t be so much about passing on information but more about starting an intercultural dialogue between the makers, the contributors and the listeners.
So, join in the conversation, the rest is just bits, bytes and RSS-feeds!

Anne Fox (from Denmark) and Elmar-Laurent Borgmann (from Germany)

6 thoughts on “Absolutely intercultural! The first ever intercultural podcast”

  1. Hi Ann, Laurent & Karsten,
    your podcast “Absolutely Intercultural” is absolutely phantastic! The website looks very attractive and the first show sounds very professional! It was really interesting listening to an entertaining and informative podcast like yours.
    Looking forward to the next one,

  2. I think that such intercultural podcast is a marvellous idea and indeed very interesting and attracting for people from all around the globe. If I had students whose English would be more advanced, I would definitely introduce them to your blog. Well done! I’m already waiting for the next one!

    Ann, I believe you use blogs for teaching EFL, don’t you? Could you please answer a short survey that I need for my paper on blogging? I would also be very grateful if you could post the link to any other blogging EFL teachers. Thank you very much!

  3. Thanks Anita. I have done your survey even though I don’t have that much experience blogging with students. I work with adults usually and I have found them reticent to blog because they think that it should be perfect before it is published.

  4. Congrats to the whole team behind this initiative.

    I am software engineer by profession and presently serving a client in eLearning space.

    This site will definitely help in exchanging the ideas since many of the site visitors seem to be TEACHER.

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  6. Hi,
    This is the first Podcast I tried out. I was looking for something what could help me to learn some more about different habits in different cultures. And it looks I found the easiest way – AI ! Just 10 minutes and I already aware in Tapas culture. Wow!

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