Absolutely intercultural 209 +++ Stereotypes +++ Different cultures +++ New in Germany? +++ Refugees +++

javier_webIn today’s podcast we hear from Dennis Rayuschkin, a RheinAhrCampus student  from Kazakhstan who tells us about his cultural backround and his integration efforts.
Then we listen to to Dr. Wendy Spinks, who will explain some differences she has noticed between the German and Australian cultures.

In our third part, we listen to Javier Chapa Madrid (see photo), a student from Spain. He will explain what intercultural experiences in daily life mean to him and how he connected to the German culture.
In our last part Maher tells about the feelings and experiences he had around the time of his arrival in Germany.

absolutely integrated
Dennis Rayuschkin is originally from Kazakhstan, but has been living in Germany for a while and he has Russian parents. Perfectly integrated, he seems in a good position to spot the differences between Kazakh, Russian and  the German cultures everyday.

absolutely Australian
Wendy, an Australian guest professor will tell us how she first came to Germany and which differences she has noticed. What does it feel to be a “foreigner” in Germany and Europe.

absolutely International
Javier, an exchange student from Spain, shares his original ideas about Germany and about his first connection with German culture. Also, he finds it very important to  internationalize yourself as much as possible.

absolutely new
Maher Hamwe did not really have any time to prepare himself for Germany before he arrived here as a refugee from Syria as the army attacked Damascus. A year later Maher is a lot more relaxed and has started learning German, has joined a volunteer relief organization in Germany and recently started working in Germany.

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The host of this show is: Dr. Laurent Borgmann

Editor: Yelizaveta Shiryayeva
Assistant: Ana Fonseca & Nicolas Gabriel Taveira da Silva




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