Teaching Culture

intercultural group work

For adult educators

A 5 day residential course which may be eligible for EU funding under the Erasmus+ KA1 programme. What is your teaching culture like? Can you teach culture? This course was originally developed as part of the Teaching Culture! Grundtvig project.

Learning outcomes

After this course you will be able to

  • Use appropriate strategies to explore the cultural identity of a new group of people
  • Identify patterns of intercultural communication in your context
  • Help your students deal with intercultural communication that arises in the classroom
  • Choose an appropriate set of tools for making the most of the diversity in your classroom
  • Choose an appropriate set of tools for initiating contact outside the classroom
  • Use the attainment levels matrix to assess your current ICC and plan future professional development
  • Design an activity to try in your classroom on return to your institution
  • Use appropriate tools to reflect and evaluate on the activity you try out

Course outline

The 8 modules of the course represent your learning journey:

  1. My culture/Your culture: Culture basics and how to recognise them in the classroom
  2. Values and beliefs: Using critical incidents to find & stretch boundaries
  3. Preparing for the journey:  Using an intercultural competency grid & learning diary
  4. Trying out the dishes: Reviewing and assessing intercultural learning strategies and activities
  5. Cultural clashes: eg Dealing with stereotypes
  6. Your turn: Planning intercultural learning strategies and activities
  7. Meet the natives: Meeting external experts (including online)
  8. Telling folks back home/Try it Out: Closing unconference to share ideas


The course will follow an action research cycle with participants working on their own chosen challenges throughout.


Anne Fox with visiting experts according to location


Aarhus environs, Denmark (alternative EU or EEA locations on request)


Course fee:  €800 per person (€350-700 can be covered by EU funding if granted under the Erasmus+ programme) Travel, food and accommodation will be additional costs that can be met up to certain limits by Erasmus+ funding if granted.

action research

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